2016 Culture Week

2016 Culture Week
Posted on 04/22/2016
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Culture Week at Akiuk Memorial School is held every year. Culture Week consists of students, staff, and community members from Kasigluk coming together to participate in traditional cultural activities. Take a look at some of the activities students and staff took part in during Culture Week.

Here are some students' thoughts about Culture Week:

"It seems that this cultural
week is great, and that when making my ice pick I had created metal pick was the fun part, because I had shredded off the piece with a handheld grinder which was pretty awesome." -Ice

"The culture week this year so far is kind of the same as last year, but having less stages or whatever." -Alaina

"I had an accident, and I had to get a band-aid." -Leah

"I almost had an accident but I didn't have to get a band-aid. I accidentally filed my finger while finishing my manaq." -Andrea

"Travis said his day was okay and he said that he's almost done with some of his projects." -Travis

"Myra said her day went well." -Myra

"The best thing that or something interesting that happened during culture week was making the Ulu, because of how it kept me busy and how perfect I was trying to make it." -Yago

"When I was working on my bird house, that was my best part of the day because I got done with it right away." -Carl

"My best part of the day was when I was working on my skin scraper. It was the best part because there are only about 3 of us and it isn't as loud and no kids are playing around." -Henry

"Erin said her day was okay. The best part of her day was making sports flag." -Erin

"Henrietta said her day was okay. The best part of her day was making sports flag." -Henrietta

"I finished my first bracelet." -Esther

"It was a lot of SUGAR!" -Yeako

"I liked it." -Claire

"It's fun making manaq." -Trenton

"It's fun.. My favorite part is beading." -Larissa

"Good. I like to go the bird house. Because I like to paint." -Edward

"It's fun and good." -Mariah

"Making an Uluaq was the best part because it's fun to make one. Also it was easy to make it." -Vanessa

"Making the mink trap was the best session for me because it was my first time making a mink trap, I had fun making it." -Nikolai

"Making the mink trap was the best because I want to try and catch one with the trap that I have made." -Jayden

"Making the mink trap was fun, thats why its my fravorite, Because it is fun and interesting." -Elia

"Cooking was the best session for me because we made eskimo yogurt because we got to see the Steeller Students try it out." -Keisha

"Finishing up the bird house was the best session because it was fun to make it and paint it." -Kaeleelah

"Making a qaspeq because it was fun making one." -Olivia

"Today I went to the bird house and it was fun." -Riley

"Today I went to beading and I got done with my second one." -Nellie

"Today I learned how to make a manaq and it was fun. Tweely helped me. I made grips to hold on and then he'll put string on Friday. I'll manaq with it." -Tyler

"I had fun making manaq. First was beading then manaq." -Roberta

"Manaq first, then dance fans. It was fun." -Marr'aq

"Today I got done with my name plaque and mana. It was fun when I got my mana." -Cyrus

"Today I was done with all of projects and I wasn't done with my egg crusher." -Paul A

"In blackfish trap session, I have to make a mink trap and when I was stringing the tips, my middle finger was bleeding." -Dimitri

"I learned that we can't just sew it anyhow. One thing that was fun is beading." -Chenelle

"Today was a great day in the first session. I nailed the bird house and made a hole in the middle and got done." -Tyler K

"My favorite part was beading because I made a bracelet for myself." -Denise

"Today in culture day, Misha drilled my wood and I put glue on the bottom of the feather I put it in the holes." -Ethan K

"Today I am done with all of my things of cultural week." -Daniel S

"3 things that were fun are crocheting, cooking and cooking. Tomorrow, I need to finish my qaspeq and crochet." -Katie
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