Cultural Heritage Week 2017

Cultural Heritage Week
Posted on 04/28/2017
Dance Fans

Cultural Heritage Week
At Akiuk Memorial School

by: Kaeleelah Andrew, Kalila Pavilla, and Tyler Kassel

This week Culture Week took place from April 17-21st.  Students had so much fun at culture week that some wished it could last more than a week.  Here's the list of sessions that students could take:


  • Native Youth Olympics (NYO)
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Manaq Sticks
  • Manaq Holder
  • Knot-tied Pillow/Blanket 
  • Beaded Keychains and Hairclips
  • Beading
  • Fabric and Ceramic Painting
  • Boys Dance Fans
  • Toy Boats
  • Eskimo Yo-yo
  • Carving
  • Harinets
  • Eskimo Dance Necklace
  • Qaspeqs
  • Grass-Basket Making
  • Hanging Nets and Sling Shots
  • Carpentry
 Cooking Station

The cooking station was only open to 4th-12th graders this year.  They made bird soup.  They has a lot of help from students, the teachers (Kira and Marija), and people in the community including Bertha Twitchell, Amanda Brink, and Gert Tinker.  We're excited to eat their food at the feast on Friday.

NYO Station

In the NYO station, the older kids taught little kids how to play.  Nikolai, Olivia, Keisha, Stephanie, Jed, and Jaden taught the Pre-K through 4th graders.  They went from station to station, and offered kids the chance to come and try out NYO events for 15 minutes.  The high school teachers taught most of the events.

 Baking Station

The baking station was for PreK through 3rd graders, with a few High School helpers.  Kids worked with Tammy or Karla in Tammy's house, busily making: cinnamon rolls, frosted sugar cookies, fry bread batter, jello, candy, and akutaq (blueberry/blackberry, salmonberry, and red berry with rice).  Margaret Charles came to teach us how to make red berry akutaq with rice.  Yum!

 Here are some comments students had about Cultural Week.  When asked, "what do you like about culture week?"

"Painting!"--Jonah Slim
"Having no work."--Clinton Pavilla
"Making dance fans."--Larry Noratak
"Making projects."--Daniel Slim
"Working on the net."--Travis Berlin
"Making manaq"--Marraaq Berlin
"Making the toy boat"--Qussauyaq Andrew


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