Student News Reporting: Students Enrolling in Akiuk Memorial School

Students Enrolling in Akiuk Memorial School
Posted on 04/28/2017
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Students Enrolling to Akiuk School

By Katie Demientieff

More transfer students have been enrolling at Akiuk this year than ever before. The normal attendance record is about 85 students. Currently, Akiuk has possibly the highest attendance record it’s ever had, estimated at 110 students.

Through the months of September-December, about 10 new students transferred. Then, after winter break, about 7 more students moved to Akiuk. One student from Akula transferred because he felt that they had too many VTC classes.

One student who used to school in Akula said that he thought Akiuk would be better than Akula. Another student that was from Akula observed that his dad told him to  move to Akiuk because the student was acting too mean in Akula, and the dad thought his behavior would change at Akiuk.

Students who enrolled at Akiuk enjoy schooling here. Andrew Nicholas commented: “Akiuk is fun.” Another student named Bobby Brink agreed.

Jed, Edward, Kalila, Bryanna, and Catherine are some of the transfer students.
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