Akiuk side is sometimes called "Old Kasigluk". This is because people lived on the Akiuk side first before migrating across to Akula side, which has more land. The total area of Kasigluk (Akiuk side and Akula side) is 13.2 square miles, of which 12.2 square miles is land and 1.1 square miles is water. 

Even though Akiuk side and Akula side are separated by the Johnson River, the two villages are considered to be one community, i.e. Kasigluk. Students who live on Akiuk side can attend school at Akula and students on Akula side can attend school at Akiuk.

The staff and community are always willing to answer questions about Kasigluk, so if you have any, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.


    Random Facts

    Population: 569 (2010 census)

    GPS Coordinates:60°53′31″N 162°32′9″W 

    Average Sunlight a day in December: 5.36 hours

    Average Sunlight a day in July: 19.01 hours 

    Distance Between Akiuk side and Akula side: Roughly 2.5 miles

    {Snowmachining between Akiuk & Akula}

    {Traveling During Freeze Up}
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