A Bonfire Down by the Airport

Student News Reporting: A Bonfire Down by the Airport
Posted on 04/27/2017

A Bonfire Down by the Airport

By: Marie Twitchell

Kasigluk recreation put on a bonfire with fireworks on January 14, 2017, (Russian Orthodox New year's) Down by the airport on the river using woods and a big torch with the fire started.

The bonfire was about 15 feet around it. When asked how they organized the event, Wilson Twitchell, a member of the Kasigluk recreation committee, said, “Just ask for volunteers for young boys to gather woods. Kasigluk Inc had half and half for hot dogs and buns with fireworks and support for bonfire.”

Kasigluk recreation, including Wilson Twitchell made a pyramid shape and then used a torch to turn on the bonfire, “starting it and gathering woods,” said Twitchell.

One person got burned, but she is good now. “Enjoying the fire” was the best part of the fire, said Keisha. Others agreed, saying: “Standing by the fire to warm up in a cold weather,” (Annie Kassel). The second and third graders had a different favorite part: “Only fireworks and lantern.”

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