Student Editorial: Adults Shouldn’t Drink In Villages

Adults Shouldn't Drink in Villages
Posted on 04/27/2017

Adults Shouldn’t Drink In Villages  

By: Shaylene Nicholas

“Quitting alcohol is tough and rough, but it is worth enough!” (Aliyah Arsiton). Alcohol causes lots of problems, so adults shouldn’t drink in villages.

First of all, drinking in villages should stop because adults are modeling how to drink to kids/teenagers. When parents drink in front of kids, their kids are watching them and learning how to drink like them. Two people I know drank with their parents when those two people’s parents were drinking. It’s bad for kids to learn to drink from their parents because adults are teaching kids how to drink, and in the future those kids might be addicted to drinking. That’s why drinking should be put to an end.

Secondly, Alcohol is destroying families.This person I know is hating on his parents because his parents drink too much. When kids have to watch their parents drink, they might drink with or they might start hating on them, which is another reason why adults shouldn’t drink in villages.

Thirdly, More crimes happen because of drinking and that is ruining the whole village. When one person I know drank, they beat up a girl and gave her bruises. A lot of domestic violence happens when people are drinking. The scary drinkers are ruining the village with crime from beating up people, so adults shouldn’t drink in villages.

In conclusion, adults shouldn’t drink in the village or in front of their kids or teenagers. Adults are teaching kids/teens how to drink. They ruin the whole village with crime and they’ll ruin their family. I hope adults will stop drinking in the village and in front of their kids/teens.
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