Student Editorial: People Who Make Rumors Should Stop Gossiping

People Who Make Rumors Should Stop Gossiping
Posted on 04/27/2017

People That Make Rumors Should Stop Gossiping

By Katie Demientieff

Have you ever had rumors spread about you? It’s not fun to be talked about by other people. People that make rumors should stop gossiping about other people for many reasons.

First of all, rumors hurt people’s feeling and emotions. I can see it on their faces, they also talk about them. One time, my friend was shedding tears because some people were making rumors about her. People’s feelings change and they get gloomy and think about suicide. People should stop gossiping about people so they won’t be hurt and they won’t think about self-murder.

Second of all, people who make rumors have less friends. One person I know who makes a lot of rumors has less friends and the friends she used to have are discouraged about wanting to be with her. She lost a lot of friends because of spreading gossips. That person had a lot of friends, but then she started gossiping, and now she has less friends. If she stops gossiping about other people, she will get more friends.

Thirdly, elders tell us to respect each other and rumors do the opposite of that. Rumors hurt people. One elder, Frankie Brink, observed, “People who make rumors should stop because it hurts people.” An elder tells us to be respectful and not make rumors or gossip about other people. Gossiping hurts people, that’s why people should stop.

In conclusion, people who make rumors should stop because it injures other people. I hope they stop and other people will won’t be depressed and they won’t think of suicide. That person who makes rumors can make a lot of friends if they put an end to gossiping.
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